Thursday, 5 March 2009

Professional Association

Anyone want to re-kindle this discourse now in 2009.
Lets post thoughts here, rather than add to the history!


Tina Beales said...


I don't know whether this blog still sends email alerts when someone posts a comment. I haven't received any at all, but then, no one has added any since December.

So, I'm posting this to ask, are you all in secret talks somewhere, setting up the Guerilla Literacies Front? Or, has everyone lost interest/too busy/doing a course/managed to find extra work/waiting to see if funding is renewed/lost their funding and no longer in literacies?

Whatever the reason, if you're reading this and you no longer wish to be involved, could you leave a comment so that we know who's in or who's not.

I still want to be involved, but since my last post my circumstances have changed. I have less time now to devote to this, but I still want to contribute in some way.

Just to reiterate Sharon's point from way WAY back, I think we need a steering group, I think we need a website, but before that I think we need some form of leadership. I vote that a small group of people meet to steer this thing. That's democratic is it not?

Maybe, the new TQAL students will join us soon.

Annette Currie

19 February 2009 15:47

Catherine Watt said...
Hi there
I think Annette is right about including the new TQAL Students in this venture from the start. I'm disapointed in the lack of enthusiasum among my colleagues that were not involved in TQAL and I think this put on a bit of a downer with regard to our original intentions however having thought about it long and hard I also want to state my committment to this and to suggest a regional meeting (regional being Glasgow and surrounding areas).
If anyone is interested in meeting to discuss how wee can move this forward then please respond via this blog or if you can't remember how to log on then email me directly. I'm going to suggest meeting nearer the end of March because by that time we should all know if our funding is secure fo the year or not. What does anyone else think about this?

23 February 2009 03:04

Catherine Watt said...
Forgot to say that I'll post something on the VLE for the new students

23 February 2009 03:04

Aileen Ackland said...
I'm glad that someone has come back in here and encouraged us to get on and do something. I am still in and think that perhaps we should go for the idea of a steering group meeting to give us each some support to take this forward at regional level. I think it is a problem that, across Scotland, Literacies practitioners are feeling very vulnerable at the moment. Even more reason for the need for a national association.

23 February 2009 03:32

Anonymous said...
I'm up for meeting at the end of March/beginning of April. Langside College might provide us with a room, if that's easy for people to get to? Even if there's only a small group of us, we can at least start something.

Do we have everyone's email address?


24 February 2009 12:34

Alan Deans said...
I am up for a meet too and I am sure I could arrange accommodation in Clydebank if need be.
Look forward to catchinh up with a few of you again, I'm missing the TQAL buzz!!


24 February 2009 12:51

Tina Beales said...
You are all correct!

A small group to explore possibilities and report back to those who are interested, is the way to go. Actually it sounds as if we have the start of a group here: Annette, Catherine, Alan, Sharon and me

I was, and still am, interested in being involved. I checked for so long but as nothing was happening, deleted the contact! Maybe others have done the same - this doesn't really matter, as we need to have something to talk about or act upon.

Perhaps we should set a date to meet in the Glasgow area initially, (the more, the merrier), then see what happens from there?

26 February 2009 12:08

Anonymous said...
What if we met at the end of April week beginning the 27th.

If this sounds ok, then what day...

Mon 27th *
Tues 28th *
Wed 29th *
Thursday 30th? *

What time...

Morning (9 - 12pm)
Afternoon (12 - 5pm)
Evening (5 - 7:30pm) *


I think it has to be Glasgow as the small group of us are from that area - or am I mistaken?

If Glasgow, where...

Langside *
Other suggestion?

My preference(s) marked with a star.

When you send your preference, can you include your email address, or email me at

That will help us form an email network.


05 March 2009 15:15

Anonymous said...

I know that I'm not from the central belt and have to try to build some support in the north for this idea, but I would welcome the impetus of that initial meeting. I am flexible with those dates - Annette, I wasn't sure whether you meant us to indicate preferences here or to email you direct?

Anonymous said...

Either or Aileen, may be best to email me directly, then I'll forward everyone's email addresses on, so that we can all contact each other.


gerryreiki said...

It's so long since I've added to this site that I couldn't remember what to do! I am still interested in this project although I now find myself as a drugs group worker with very little direct involvement wtih adult literacy. I would still like to be involved although I feel that my energy is mostly taken up with my new responsibilites. If there is anything I can do from a distance -what I've no idea - please remember I'm still here and still interested and still wish to be involved.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you again Gerri - all help is welcome! Will definately keep you in mind. T

Anonymous said...

Like Gerri, it is so long since I contributed but I would welcome the chance to meet up. My prefernce is a Thursday afternoon, anywhere in the Glasgow area.

Anonymous said...

If people are contributing anonymously can you remember to leave your name and email?

I only have indication of dates for a meeting from myself and one other, plus the anon person.


Catherine Watt said...

Hi there
sorry I've been out of touch - lots on at the moment.
Anyway has a date/time/place been organised for this meeting yet???
I don't think we should leave it much longer if it hasn't already been arranged. The dates suggested may be too close now for some people. How about we set a date in May instead. Is there any particular day/time that people can make within working hours or should we look at early evening?
Mon/Wed/Fri mornings are better for me or early evening between 4 and 6pm on the same days.
What about everyone else???

Tina Beales said...

Hi there,
6 of us got together tonight to thrash around some ideas about a Professional Association. We will be using the Blog and a wiki to keep everyone informed of our way forward.
If you do not want to be included, please let me know - otherwise watch these 2 spaces.
Apologies for x-referencing (better twice than not at all)

Aileen Ackland said...

Hi there
glad to hear the meeting happened. It sounds like it was successful and you've got the ball rolling!

Helen Johnston-Morris said...

Found you! Sorry I wasn't at the meeting in September. Can you tell me what happened at the meeting please? Thanks


Anonymous said...

so it goes ...